Where the Pie Had to Go, and How the Holidays Went

Like most people at this point in the holiday season, I barely know what day it is.

Overall, I did okay throughout the holiday “eatings.” I did make 2 pies: cherry & pecan. Next year, I won’t make pecan, or, if I do, I won’t make a great big deep dish one, because apparently, I am the main consumer of pecan pie. I mean…I KNEW I ate an entire pecan pie in one sitting when I was in high school, but since I haven’t been paying much attention the past few years (is 5 a “few”?), I guess I didn’t pay attention to the fact that I ate more pecan pie than others did. At any rate, this Christmas, I did have 2 small pieces and snack on it a little here and there, but I avoided bingeing.
When Daniel (the cherry pie connoisseur) informed me that he eats “maybe” one slice of pecan pie a year, and the other partakers of pie weren’t fans of the this pecan pie recipe’s caramelesque filling (oh my GOD it was so good), I realized that I was the main one who had eyes for it.
You can see by the picture above how I handled the temptation: I checked with the people around me to see if they wanted any more pie, got a negative response, and I spirited that sucker right out of my house. I dumped squirrel feed around it and accented the whole thing with an old dinner roll. Somebody, somewhere, MUST see this as either some kind of Rorschach test, or a work of art…
I would have expected the raccoons to make quick work of it, but perhaps they are likewise not fans of the caramelesque filling… wanna know what’s sad? Shortly after putting that pie plate out under my bird feeder, I had the urge to run out and grab one more bite before the woodland critters had a go at it.
Otherwise, I didn’t do as well as I planned to over the holidays–I had set this expectation of myself to maintain my “usual” eating routine I’ve developed–but in retrospect, I think that was unrealistic, because it’s NOT the usual “anything” when I’m cooking for a crowd and making stuff I usually don’t, i.e. a full-blown turkey dinner. I did make some “Hungry Girl” holiday recipes, but even those were so similar to the stuffing & sweet potatoes I ate as a child that the behaviors still wanted to kick in and pig out.

Imagine my relief when I realized that when I weigh in with my nutritionist on Tuesday, the weight does not have to be LESS than I weighed last time; it just has to be AT or LESS THAN my weight on the day I weighed in the first time on 10/18/17. This actually worked as kind of a double-edged sword, though, because I felt some leeway to eat a little more of the stuff I don’t usually eat. All in all, though, I could have done much worse than I did. Perfection is impossible, and it’s okay that I wasn’t perfect.

The Return of the Awful Migraine

As if the holidays weren’t enough of a temptation to lose the progress I’ve made (more importantly than losing roughly 15 pounds, I do not want to return to bingeing behaviors), one of my biggest eating triggers is back in just the last 48 hours: super-painful migraines. The Botox I receive for migraines is rapidly wearing off, as it does at the end of 12 weeks, and because of either gross incompetence on the part of the specialty pharmacy, or gross incompetence on the part of my neurologist’s office staff, or both, I will not be receiving my next Botox dose on January 2nd, which is the soonest I can receive it according to my insurance. I don’t want to go into it much more than that because it makes me so incredibly angry that I did my part to order the medication and someone, at one of those offices, is lying about why the medication won’t be there on the date it was scheduled to be there. I’m going to call them on Tuesday and try to find out who is lying. If I have to insist on speaking to the doctor, I’ll do so, and if I don’t get a satisfactory answer, I’ll be switching neurologists because getting this medication coordinated should not be a stressful event every 12 weeks.
I wish the Botox didn’t work as well as it did, because it would not be a big deal if I can’t get in at the right time to receive injections, but it does. It gives me my life back and creates the possibility that I can work out without triggering an exertion migraine. Those are really bad.

What’s Up Next:

I’m having my pre-op bloodwork done on Tuesday, meeting with the nutritionist for the 3rd consultation & weigh in, then I’m done with everything except the last nutritionist appointment on 2/6. After that, I will see my surgeon and they will submit all my paperwork.