What a difference a week makes!!!

This is a celebratory post. I am celebrating blessings and putting some major gratitude into the Universe:

I am home. A week ago today at about this time, I was laying in a hospital bed with my left arm atop a pillow being worked on by a nurse to find a deep vein because my first 2 I.V.s failed. My daughter was on my right, and I was focused on not looking anywhere to the left because just the idea of all that deep needle stuff was more than I could handle. My husband was in the corner of the room, playing (I’m guessing Solitaire or Flow), because he is awesome and kept me company all day. Most of all, I wanted to go HOME. I had to prove I could drink enough fluid and keep it down.

Here, a week later, I’m doing great at getting enough fluid and I’m super-close to getting enough protein grams every day.

A week ago, walking the hall to the nurse’s station and trying super-hard to make two loops around it was exhausting. Today, I rode my recumbent bike for 30 minutes, and I’m not completely wiped out. I’ve been able to do housework and some shopping and driving since Wednesday when I had my post-op checkup, where I was deemed to be doing well.

I feel so much better. All my surgical glue has fallen off–I have 4 incisions–3 on my abdomen & 1 in my belly button–so those itch a lot less now.

I’m over my bladder infection, YAY, and I’ve made myself rest a lot this week, too, so I feel good about being able to go back to school on Monday.

I’m dropping weight but I’m not obsessing over it. My abdomen is still pretty puffy and swollen, but I can tell I’m losing weight from the top down.

I’ve managed to take all my vitamins the past couple of days. Still working on getting all the calcium in, but I think I will be able to do it today. My doctor started me on a medication that prevents the formation of gallstones, since that’s a common thing that happens when rapid weight loss occurs. It has something to do with dissolving cholesterol in the bile ducts. I’m also taking a medication that prevents the formation of ulcers. Both of these are meds I’ll take for a limited time.

So, overall, much improvement since last week. I’m amazed at how the human body bounces back.


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