Three weeks out from surgery: update

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my surgery. I’m doing great overall: getting in enough protein & fluids each day. I’m still learning how to eat with my tiny stomach–I find out real quick if I’m eating too fast, because it feels like I can’t breathe in deeply. I also have to be really careful about what I eat–to eat protein first, then produce–because once I start getting full, even one bite over can cause unpleasantness Something that’s been helpful that I learned on a bariatric surgery support group is to think of the opening to the stomach as being a funnel, so when there’s too much to go in at once, it gets backed up. I am working at waiting like 3-4 minutes between bites so that it has time to go down before the next one. I’m also getting my morning medication routine down, figuring out the order to take the meds & vitamins so I don’t get nauseated. That was a significant issue until this week.

Otherwise, my energy is coming back. Last week was our first week back from Spring Break and my surgery was two weeks old at the end of the week–and it was rough. I came home every night and pretty much collapsed. But I was able to clean my whole house in one day last Saturday, and I didn’t have to take many breaks.

Body-shape wise, XL clothes are getting too big for me. People are starting to notice the change in my face & neck, which are becoming kind of gaunt (but not in a bad way.) I can see other changes too. I only weigh about once a week, but I’ve lost a total of 31 pounds now–that’s about 11 pounds post surgery, and 20 before I had it. I was kind of startled to look down and see how bony my wrists are. They were like that when I was much smaller before, and they’re back to being really small.

I have Friday off for Good Friday, and I’m going to start exercising again. I’ve been holding off so I could have enough energy for school, plus I just had my every-12-weeks-Botox-for-Migraines-treatment yesterday, so if I give it a couple of days to kick in, I should be able to work out without an exertion migraine.

I’m still committed to NOT having surgery this summer, even though the stuff I was going to have fixed could still use it. Nope: no surgery for me! I’m going to go see my daughter in Ohio after I get out for the summer, and then I’m taking my other 2 daughters to the beach at Galveston.

I haven’t had any binge-issues or wanting to binge, even when I’ve felt stressful. I’m feeling good! Even though the hospitalization was rough, and I still swear I’ll not willfully endure anesthesia’s aftereffects again–I am really pleased with the way this “tool”–my sleeve–is working.

Later, ya’ll!


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