That time having a traumatic past was a positive thing

Quick update:
Today I had several appointments at the hospital where my gastric sleeve will be done, including a psychological evaluation. The psychologist was super-nice. We talked about this form I had to fill out, called the ACE– which was an assessment of childhood trauma. He talked to me about the connection between overeating and trauma. By the way, on the ACE, I scored 8 out of 10, and that’s only because my stepfather never beat my mother and nobody in my family went to prison. I feel like my high score deserved a sticker or something…and because I am an OCD overachiever, I wonder if I can beat the bushes for somebody who went to jail who I just don’t know about…wonder if has prison records. I want an “A”, dammit!)

One thing the doctor said was that given my traumatic history and the way I’ve overcome it (props to the therapist I worked with nearly 10 years ago, Matt E. Jaremko, who is now my co-author on the book, Trauma Recovery: Sessions With Dr. Matt), I have what it takes to make such profound lifestyle changes required to be a successful bariatric patient. We talked about how I see myself–perhaps he meant PHYSICALLY, but I sat up tall and declared, “I see myself as a SURVIVOR, because I worked SO HARD to get to this place.”

It felt good.