Still moving forward~AND~no news to anyone: barium milkshakes are gross.

Wednesday, I felt myself catching the strep & flu my husband has had, and I had just put in a request for a sub for Thursday, returned to my classroom, and my phone rang. My bariatric surgeon’s office was calling to tell me that they still didn’t have my GI results. I thought that the endoscopy was the same as the GI (hint: it’s NOT, which is probably news to no one but me), and they said I needed it done STAT. Turned out STAT mean Thursday at 10 AM, so I dragged my ailing self down to the hospital.
When the registration person came to get me she said, “How are you?”
I blinked a couple of times–my vision was blurred and I felt unsteady on my feet–I was already taking Tamiflu and an antibiotic by then–and mumbled, “Okay.”
She looked at me dubiously and said, “Your face doesn’t look like you’re okay.”
I said, “I’m…hungry, and…I have a headache…”
At which point she told me about her migraines, and, honey, I can relate.

So, I had an upper GI series as required by my surgeon. This involved standing in front of an xray machine while drinking (gulping) a thick warm barium milkshake. Then they tilted the table back and filmed the path of the barium through my innards…I was so glad it was over quick. My favorite part was the advice given to me by the tech, in a deeeeeep East Texas twang, whereby she advised me that if I did not want that stuff to “set up like concrete,” drink lots of water.

Then I came home from swallowing liquid chalk sludge and sat very still in my chair all day as I tried to predict whether the feeling of being on the verge of throwing up was going to move from thought to solid evidence of nausea. Since I’m otherwise sick, I’m not even sure the nausea was totally the barium.

So now all I have left is the 2/6 nutritionist appointment, and I will have completed ALL THE REQUIREMENTS I had to have done.

I’ve done okay, eating-wise, the past few weeks. I have not been as “perfect” as I was up until then. The cancer scare I had undid me a little, but thankfully, the habits I’ve worked to develop the past few months are stronger now than the Binge Eating Disorder I had fallen back into. In other words, NOT pigging out feels more natural than pigging out. NOT to say I don’t have thoughts about digging into the ice cream, but I tell myself that it’s mental hunger not physical hunger, and I make something like what I’ve got on the table next to me now: hot herbal tea. I’m still not working out daily, BUT, I will say that the past couple of times I worked out, I did NOT get a migraine, and I’m pretty excited about that. Go, Botox!

Oh, and I’m now taking Bariatric vitamins, to get in the habit of taking various vitamins throughout the day each day.

I’ll update again soon! My goal remains to have the surgery on my 52nd birthday, March 8th. Dunno if it’s possible with the dr’s schedule, but I have my fingers crossed…