Soooo much better now. So. Much.

Just dropping in to update: I am doing so much better. The nausea is mostly gone and I am able to take in more liquid at one time than before. I’m still tired physically, even though my mind is telling me to get stuff done, i.e. light housecleaning, laundry, bedding…gardening…BUT I’M NOT DOING IT.  I’ve worked up to walking 2-3 times up and down my driveway at a time and I am taking naps a couple times a day. I’m about to head to lay down for a nap after I write this.

I didn’t note in my last post something really good: I never experienced much pain as far as the surgery itself. Even the gas pains are not awful. Unrelated to the surgery,
I did end up FOR SURE having a UTI, and taking a chopped up antibiotic pill is not the twice a day highlight of my life, but I’m so blessed that there is an antibiotic I can take that doesn’t make me sick or try to kill me by making my throat swell shut. It doesn’t even make me feel queasy. I’m so lucky to have a primary care doc who was willing to call me back on a Sunday & knows me & my allergies well. It’s really hard for me to trust doctors who don’t know me or take me seriously when I tell them how much stuff I’m allergic to. (Thanks, Dr. Mahmoud…)

By the end of the weekend, I’d like to try on some of my clothes to see if I can start boxing any stuff up that’s too big. I’ve lost about 8 pounds in the last several days. From the start of my journey in October 2017, I have now lost around 25 pounds…I think.

I have purposely never posted my exact weight on this site, because this whole thing is not about the weight. It is, as far as, carrying less excess weight will make me healthier, but it isn’t, as far as, it is not about a specific number and reaching a certain number or size is not my measure of success. I can see nothing positive coming from putting a bunch of before & after pics or numbers out into the universe. The scale made me crazy for so many years; it influenced how I felt about myself as a person, and it is not a healthy thing for me to get hung up on.

For now, the hardest thing for me is making myself be mindful of not overdoing/lifting heavy stuff and damaging my healing body.
So, I’m feeling a lot more sunshiney than I did last time I wrote. The hospitalization was yicky for the most part but it’s over and I’m home and able to function just fine. Knowing that I am NOT going to have another surgery in a few months OR in the foreseeable future is SO FREEING.

I go to the dr for my follow up tomorrow. I am pretty sure I will be driving myself, which is allowed as long as I’m not on narcotics.


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