Mmmmm…broth…Liquid Diet…AKA: Does NOT Eating One’s Feelings Cause One to Explode?

Y’all are buying the title of this post, right?

I’m into Day 2 of my Pre-Op Liquid Diet. I don’t have to start until Thursday, March 1, but I was concerned that I would flip my shit and “slip” during the week of full liquids prior to my sleeve surgery on the 8th, so I decided to start 4 days early. From what I’ve read, after the 3rd day, it’s supposed to get easier.
This. Is. Not. Easy.

But it’ll be okay.

Does Not Eating One’s Feelings Ever Cause One to Explode?
Yesterday, Day 1,  I stuck mainly to protein shakes & yogurt, but today I expanded my repertoire to include protein shakes, sugar-free Jello, and a lovely beef & vegetable broth concoction.

Soooo, why does the procedure call for a week or so of full liquids? It’s to shrink the liver and make the space easier for the doctor to work in through laparoscopy, jump start weight loss, and acclimate the patient to liquids both physically and mentally, since that’s going to be the food du jour for 2-3 weeks after surgery.

I’m edgy, and I think it’s partly related to not eating my feelings. I haven’t been doing it for a while, but today I REALLY felt like doing it.  My day started out with spilling my tea in my car, having to tweak lesson plans mid-day because they were sailing over my remediation class kids’ heads, and the day ended with mentally congratulating myself for not saying the “F” word in 9th period, as in, “Please shut your “F-ing” mouths. Didn’t do it, and I’m really grateful that thought bubbles are only in comics.

It’s not just that I’m ready for Spring Break, though–it’s because I’m trying to get stuff done before I have surgery and have to rest, so I didn’t have my usual Sunday-to-chill that I work hard to create for myself each week, because I cooked yesterday until the world looked level. I’m trying to make it up to myself by chilling this evening.

So: the takeaways here are: Not having a day off makes Beth a grumpy girl AND I’m rewarding myself for feeling my feelings instead of eating them by going to bed whenever I damned well please. (In this case, I damned well please to go to bed as soon as I finish this blog post.)

So, Am I Nervous Yet?
I’ve been asked by a couple of people if I’m nervous or excited about my surgery date being so close. If I had to choose one or the other, I think I’d say I’m a little nervous and somewhat overwhelmed by the need to remember a bunch of different things at once. I started my bariatric vitamins a couple of months ago–I wanted to be in the habit of taking things like B12 & calcium & a multivitamin throughout the day like bariatric patients have to, and I’ve accomplished that.
Also, getting to this point has been a work in progress since mid-October. I may get nervous Wednesday, March 7, when I spend the night at my daughter’s in Dallas so I can be at the hospital no later than 5:15 A.M. (!!!) on Thursday, March 8, but right now I’m just business like and focused on getting stuff finished that I want to have done.

Hopefully I won’t devolve into this…


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